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The Anglo-Saxons 2

14.84 $
SKU - R28.6

This set contains 4 resin unpainted warriors for board game SAGA and other wargames. 

Resin casting. 

Scale: 28 mm

Pieter → 12/06/2017
3 reviews
The quality of the Anglo-Saxon mini's are mind blowing! Love the Sutton Hoo inspired figure. Looking forward to see other Anglo-Saxon kings to be added from this time period e.g. Alfred the Great "Hint". ;) Thanks for making such amazing detailed mini figures.
Patrick Van Ouytsel → 13/04/2017
3 reviews
Absolutely stunning !!! And i adore the priest !!!
Daniel Flynn → 01/02/2017
3 reviews
Absolutely gorgeous, some of the best resin minis I've ever seen. The attention to detail is very impressive and the fit of the pieces is excellent( locator pegs on everything). Tiny details and textures abound; shields are detailed front and back and fit the hand perfectly, separate cloaks that drape realistically over the shoulders. Very little flash or mould lines. If you make more I'll buy them.
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