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Vikings 2

12.0 €
SKU - R28.3
This set contains 4 resin unpainted warriors for board game SAGA and other wargames. 
Resin casting. 
Scale: 28 mm
Mischa → 11/11/2017
10 reviews
Sorry 5 star not 4. Site is a little dificult with giving revieuws...
Mischa → 11/11/2017
10 reviews
Verry fine miniatures, verry good proportions! You have to be a little patient with delivery, but for €5,- thats no problem. Keep up the good job.
Pieter → 12/06/2017
10 reviews
Excellent quality mini's! It's a true pleasure to paint them. Thanks!
Mina → 23/05/2017
10 reviews
All your minis are awesome! Sorry but don't you know most of Vikings were women? Where are your Women minis? I want to buy some ♀minis
Georgios Glazoulas → 26/10/2016
10 reviews
Amazing work! the best 28mm in the market
Vasilis Koutsomitopoulos → 24/04/2016
10 reviews
I just received my new miniatures! The detail is fantastic!!! The best miniatures ever!!
Rene Arbesser → 24/03/2016
10 reviews
Fantastic Miniatures!!!
The best Viking miniatures I have ever seen and have held in hands. Thanks, best wishes, Rene
Simone Frosini → 22/02/2016
10 reviews
Best 28mm Viking miniatures you can find in the world. Great work....
Give us more ;)
Patrick Van Ouytsel → 11/02/2016
10 reviews
Best detailed figures ever!
Wolfgang Fischl → 18/01/2016
10 reviews
Excellent Miniatures as always!! Congratulation! Best wishes, Wolfgang
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